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The sole request of the owner is to have most straightforward design possible as the owner is expecting a house to be simple and easy to live in and with minimal maintenance. Even the usage program is also minimal – a house for a couple plus 2 children.

Considering the land sits on the end of the blocks surrounded by the road on three sides. The simple and bold architectural expression is so appropriate and remarkably effective.


The architect then interpreted the brief and usage program in to 3 parts. The core functionality of a house like bedrooms are packed together at the upmost floor. Which is then cocooned in the solid boxy envelope to emphasize the framing element and also adding privacy ..only exposing to the distance with a view. This becomes ‘the floating quarter’


The second part is the loose common area placed under the ‘floating quarter’ described above, which it’s boundary only defined by all glazed envelop.The last part is the service area and garage  placed on ground floor and all covered in bare concrete. All three part composed make the whole house looking like floating box above concrete plinth with transparent living area in between. 


            The whole 3 storey then tied together with main spiraling staircase which expressing itself in the containing glazed cylinder from outside.


With this straightforward composition, the guest can intuitively perceived the direction of traveling even before entering the house .From the main timber gate to the entry hall and directly up the spiraling staircase.


At the end of the ‘floating quarter’ projected 7m in to the air above the swimming pool.this creating the sense of lightness  and once sitting in the pool ,one shall be surrounded by the panoramic view from three sides . The reflection from water surface also enhance the and visually lift up the ‘floating quarter’.


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