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Steel windows & doors manufacturer & installerMHB
Elevator doors and integrationLift Emotion
FabricantsBauporte Design Entrances BV
Manufacturers Jung HQ
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Steel windows & doors manufacturer & installer
Elevator doors and integration
by Jung HQ

Entrance Building Van Gogh Museum

Hans van Heeswijk Architecten en tant que Architectes.

In 1999 Kisho Kurokawa architects & associates designed a new wing for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Part of this wing is a large pond on basement level. This pond will now be changed into a new Entrance Building. Kurokawa architects made a preliminary design for this purpose that will be elaborated and realised by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

The new entrance building can be reached directly from the Museum Square and will lead visitors to a large foyer on basement level. In this foyer a wardrobe, a museum shop, information desks and toilets will be located. From the foyer visitors can go directly to the Rietveld Building for the permanent Van Gogh collection or to the Kurokawa Wing for the temporary exhibitions. The new entrance building will open to the public in the summer of 2015.

Client The Government Buildings Agency of The Netherlands

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