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Energy Academy Europe

Broekbakema en tant que Architectes.

The University of Groningen strives for innovation and collaboration. This has inspired the architects to design a building that works together with those objectives.

The Energy Academy produces more energy than it requires. Most important of all, the building stimulatesinteractionbetween students, researchers and entrepreneurs.


The building consists of two parts. The northern part - whichcomprises a research area with labs and offices; anda southern part - whichserves the institutes and an educational area. in between these two parts functions an atrium as the heart of the building. The winter garden in the south serves as a public park for all users of the building. NATURE AS A SOURCE OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

The design has a low-tech approach in which the abundant natural sources like earth, water, air and sunlight are optimally used.

•The earth is used to heat and cool, air and water. •Rainwater is used to flush toilets and water the plants. • Natural ventilation is driven by an innovative solar chimney on the edge of the roof and a 200 metre underground labyrinth that transports the preheated/-cooled air. •Sunlight is optimally used for lighting and energy production. 150% of the roof surface catches sunlight by placingthe high end solar panels in a three-dimensional grid. The installations in the building will only be used as a backup, when the natural sources are not sufficient.


The Energy Academy achieved a BREEAM Outstanding label and won the international BREEAM Awards 2017 in the category: mixed use& other.

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