Emerald Sheltered Housing Delfgauw

Emerald Sheltered Housing Delfgauw

Delfgauw , Netherlands
Année du projet

Logement des infirmières
Rob 't Hart

Apartment and shopping centre and sheltered housing

KCAP en tant que Architectes.

The 'Emerald' apartment/shopping centre and sheltered housing complex for senior citizens provide the Emerald vinex development with an urban core. The two tall, multifunctional complexes function as a point of reference in a district dominated by low-rise construction. The apartment/shopping centre is circular in plan and organised over three levels for shops, parking and living. The shops occupy the ground-floor and are accessible from outside and via a boomerang-shaped arcade. This arcade is covered and projects above the roof of the retail level to a height of seven metres, thus establishing a relationship with the levels above it. The apartments, 60 units in four types, are accommodated in the top two floors of a projecting, four-storey volume above the retail level. In-between is a car parking level.

The sheltered housing complex has a trapezoid plan with six residential floors and the ground level for amenities, all surrounding a large covered atrium at its centre. The atrium encourages social contact among residents and is the central public space that the 135 dwellings overlook via galleries. The housing complex is enclosed, but offers the public and non-residents access during the day to use the amenities. This makes Emerald an integral part of the community. The coordinated use of materials, the orientation, and the design of the surrounding space results in a harmonious ensemble of two prominent volumes in an open space.

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