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Elysion Congress Centre

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The Elysion Congress Centre will be a new state-of-the-art congress and conference centre in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Serving as a highly visible building, it will enhance Eindhoven's international positioning as an inspiring region of technology, design and knowledge, where Brainport Eindhoven represents one of the leading innovative technology regions in Europe.

To form the Elysion Consortium that will build, finance and operate a congress and conference centre on an international level, UNStudio and DVP (Diepenhorst de Vos and Partners) joined forces with Van der Valk as client/operator and HuybrechtsRelou as contractor (see full consortium list below). Together with Van der Valk's design team and additional specialists, the consortium's ambition is to expand the existing multifunctional space to a total area of 4,000m2 and add a new 1,500 capacity flexible auditorium with a vertical foyer housing breakout spaces and catering areas.

Specifically, the consortium proposed extending the current Van der Valk Congress and Event location, which also houses hotel and restaurant facilities and is located at the border of a large parkland area that enjoys excellent connections to both Eindhoven Airport and the city centre. By so doing, the proposal facilitates the renovation and expansion of existing facilities, thereby limiting its impact on both the city centre and the environment.

The proposal for the Elysion Congress Centre has been structured around five architectural interventions.
High Impact Landmark
A Connecting Vertical Foyer
A flexible auditorium
Green Surroundings, Sustainable Approach
TheMasterplan and a New Mobility Hub for Brainport


Material Used :
- The facade of the congress centreis principally made from wood and glass. The ambition is to couple this with nitrogen dioxide absorbing surfaces - an innovative new nano-technology that can capture pollutants from its surroundings.  

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