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Tailoring Your Interior Design with the Carpet

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There is a great variety of carpet designs, colours and patterns on the market. Of course, the basic dilemma is whether it will be dark or light-coloured. Dark carpets make a room feel smaller, while the light ones will make it look bigger. Still, the main thing you have to take into account beforehand is your lifestyle, or how you live. A light carpet shows footprints and stains. A dark one will expose all the breadcrumbs you didn't vacuum.

Good Piece of Advice: If you find it difficult to choose the carpet color, then do the following: stand in the middle of the room and look around you. Ask yourself the following questions, ‘Which is my favourite area of the room?’ or ‘Which is the piece of furniture I really love?’. For example, it might be the soft ivory sofas, or the stylish pattern of the wallpapers. When you have the answers, then you are already halfway tо making the decision. Now tailor the carpet style to your favourite object in the room and you will have a great combination which will become your favourite spot and its visual appeal will give you great satisfaction just by looking at the area.

Another thing you have to consider is the amount of traffic your carpet will receive. This is in order to choose the proper carpet pile type. For the families with children the experts at Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Sydney would recommend choosing the loop pile. It is an extremely durable option as the weave of the carpet is solid and difficult to be damaged, which makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, as well as office buildings and common spaces. Also loop pile carpets are easier to wash and maintain. For smaller households the most appropriate type is the cut pile. Such carpets are softer to the touch and give more opulent look to the space. Probably not the firmest or long-lasting option, but it will give you the most pleasant and soft feeling as you walk on it barefoot.

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