Ramps in The Historic Centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz by Roberto Ercilla + Miguel Angel Campo

Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

The project comes about from an idea competition organized by the City of Vitoria.

The program contemplates the creation of covered mechanical ramps, four sections in Cantón de la Soledad and three sections in Cantón de San Francisco Javier.

The decision to cover the ramps allows a better guaranteed use, given the extreme winter conditions in Vitoria. The covering will be both complex and simple. It is complex in its apparent three-dimensional perception and simple as it is conceived from equal pieces, uniquely displaced among themselves.

The basic stainless steel and glass portico acts similarly to the shots of a film, by means of rotary movements around a virtual axis in sequences of one metre distances.

The sensation of rotational movement that the user perceives uses the movement of the ramp itself to create a connected sequence that holds one's interest all the way up, creating different views in different places along the way. The permanent exterior vision through the glass contributes to this sensation produced by the continuous turning of the porticoes.

On the outside, the lines of glass that connect different positions of the porticoes make up an apparent complex and dynamic three-dimensional figure, though there is only one portico and thus a simple and rational construction process.

Prizes First Prize Municipal Competition 9th Spanish Architecture Biennial EAU-2007 Special Mention (Integral planning policies, accessibility in urban settings) First Prize COAVN 2010 –Urban Design and Landscape-

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