El Nido

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Nine homes come together as a continuous, coherent project, creating both a strong identity and sense of community within. A place for families with the shared goal and desire for an urban sanctuary, both in the midst of the city yet somehow existing in its own corner of it, hence its name “El Nido” (The Nest). A place for family and friends.

The projects share design features that tie the complex together; the careful use of stone, wooden elements, and precise geometry combine to create an orderly composition, softened by the abundant vegetation. As a reflection of that shared common goal, the design iterates on ideas born out of Mexican tradition that are made new by their re-shuffling. Countless examples of a keen attention to detail emerge when observing not only the individual homes themselves, but the connective tissue that binds them all together. The street design reflects a love for natural materials and expressive gestures.

Previously a single plot of land occupied by a home and its gardens, the challenge lay in both fitting the desired number of homes in the space while preserving the existing trees. As a result, each project reacts uniquely to its immediate context, reconfiguring the common elements in response to each family’s needs. A curving sidewalk carries the passerby along each home and emphasizes the project’s connectedness.

This respect for nature is most apparent in the condominium’s common areas, where myriad of trees serves as the backdrop for the gathering hall. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows slide open onto a deck to extend the space outwards to better take in the temperate climate of the region. To better adapt to the many possible uses it could receive, the space was designed to be flexible. Added to the gathering hall are a gym, a game room, a kitchenette, and a pool that help round out the program. The common areas, like the rest of the project, make use of the region’s abundant sunlight as a source of clean power.

El Nido Jurica is a community designed and built with the utmost care around strong architectural ideas that serves as an urban sanctuary.

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