Guinée + Potin Architects en tant que Architectes.

Taking into account a strong natural context, the project shows a wood skin drawing with a graphic pattern, composing a generous scale for a “building-sign”, real “Eco-museum” showcase.

This formal intention, in addition to its impact, symbolises the program “Eco-museum” program, real exemplary teaching tool, this in prospect to a successful environmental integration.

Holding account of the will to use natural materials, we have chosen materials principle “eco-biological”:

The extension of the entrance hall and the temporary exhibition is in timber framework and timber cladding. The use of “dry” producer allows a management of a clean building site, the conservation to the maximum of trees and the continuous use of existing buildings in period of work.

Southern side, the timber framework will put down an ecological concrete wall base and tinted in the mass with natural pigments. Above this wall base, the timber cladding is in natural wood shingles (chestnut) drawing graphic pattern and cover Eastern side of existing building with panel-insulating cladding.

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