Enrico Dal Zotto

ECLISSE Showroom in Milan - Restyle 2019

ECLISSE srl en tant que Doors.

ECLISSE showroom in Milan is an exhibition space inaugurated in 2010 for events, training courses for architects and a reference point for the private customer who intends to inform more about the range and the distinctive technical characteristics of ECLISSE products.


From this year the space has expanded thanks to the partnership of excellence with Pellegrinelli Arreda, a reality recognized as a representative of  Made in Italy quality furniture by professionals and design enthusiasts in the province of Milan.



ECLISSE 40 Collection is a project by Lorenzo Ponzelli and Francesco Valentini, a creative team that was formed in 2018 by combining the experiences of an architect and an account manager with a passion for art and design. 
"We have chosen it because… For the first time in history, a door frame is transformed in a beautiful object. Archetype of the threshold, its understated and elegant design is an invitation to cross doors and overcome barriers."

This new collection has recently been presented in the Eclisse showroom in Milan and here, put on display in an authentic setting, we are able to envisage how Eclisse 40 might look in our homes…and as a result, we are bewitched by it.

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