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PROMOTING GREEN HOUSES OF BOADILLA DEL MONTE "A new way of inhabiting, where innovation in design, ecology, sociology, technology and energy sustainability reunite, as an expression of our time".

“e -domus" is a promotion housing of new generation, with a conceptual project worked from the technology, which combines a concrete way of living with the use of renewable energy, achieving a more sustainable.

The architect José Maria Carrillo Rodriguez, raised awareness about sustainability and the environment, is involved in the creation of new housing for young (and not so young), so that they can have an opportunity to access a single family luxury, but without high costs, within the scope of "The gully", one of the new districts of Boadilla del Monte, located to the Northwest of the municipality , and nestled between two of the residential areas of high standing of Boadilla, like "Las Lomas" and "El Olivar de Mirabal".

The project was born of the illusion of creating a new type of housing that so far no offer in the community of Madrid. A modern home, according to a town that enjoys a high quality of life, completely away from the usual cosmetic molds, which due to its characteristics and qualities of energy saving, is a product completely innovative, highly interesting and very appropriate for the current situation of crisis.

"e-domus" is a product which results from an avant-garde concept - adapted to the new times of the architecture, capable of offering a House of luxury at a truly affordable cost - from €350,000-, which is within the reach of many citizens. In short, a great residential offering that promises quality of life.

The ambitious goal of combining innovation, sustainability and comfort, "e-domus" provides for the use of very important system within the field of the efficient and alternative energy: Geothermal power, which eliminates the need for a conventional installation based on fossil fuels - gas or diesel-, or excessive consumption of electric energy.

Thus is fulfilled the assignment of designing a House solid, comprehensive, attractive, comfortable and sustainable, and a very interesting cost, which has 247 m2 of constructed surface in custodial plots of 300 m² on average, whose energy consumption savings will be considerable, implanted in a compound developed high level, equipped with common garden areas, swimming pool and paddle tennis court, and with a closed and controlled perimeter.

Operation of geothermal energy Geothermal energy is captured from the inside temperature of the Earth's crust - so it is inexhaustible-, in addition to being 100% renewable and clean. Geothermal leverages that energy through the use of a heat pump. In winter it is used for heating by raising the temperature of the liquid from the system up to 60 ° by the compressor of the geothermal pump, heating the underfloor heating, and during the summer, the system works in reverse, transferring excess heat to the ground, cooling the building.

Efficiency and sustainability Geothermal energy produces domestic hot water (DHW), heating in the winter and cool during the summer, reaching temperatures of comfort with annual energy savings of over 40%, and with zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Ensures that "e-domus" is sustainable energy, with the most efficient rating. Prevents the installation of solar panels and other active systems for the production of SHW, heating and cooling, and eliminates installation of radiators and unsightly air conditioning devices. Economic advantages The use of geothermal energy has a cost of installation higher than of a traditional heating system, but allows significant savings in the energy bill, that difference can pay off in a short space of time, with a significant advantage for the user in the medium term. It also reduces the cost of maintenance on other conventional facilities, and does not depend on the accumulation or the supply of fuels, avoiding the inconvenience and danger of such situations.

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