Drop-Out Ceiling

Drop-Out Ceiling

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Ryan Bent, courtesy of Ceilume

Drop-Out Ceiling

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Converting an existing warehouse into a commercial bakery required installation of a suspended ceiling meeting FDA, USDA, and Health Department requirements for hygiene in food processing areas. Using typical suspended ceiling panels would require modifying the existing sprinkler system by adding drops from the sprinkler pipes to the level of the new ceiling and installing new sprinkler heads. Modifying sprinklers would have added considerably to the expense of the renovation project. The cost was avoided by using drop-out ceiling panels from Ceilume, saving the owner enough money to pay for the entire ceiling.

Drop-out panels can be installed beneath fire sprinklers, completely concealing the sprinklers. If a fire starts, heat softens the thermoformed panels, they deform,and then drop out of the grid to expose the sprinklers and allow them to function and suppress the fire. The panels meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and are approved by IAPMO-UES and other building safety authorities.

Ceilume's panels also meet hygiene requirements because they have a smooth surface, are impervious to water, highly stain resistant, and washable. They are robust and fiber free, so they will not break or shed fibers if above-ceiling maintenance is required.

After a standard metal Tee-bar grid was installed, the building owner installed the lightweight and easy-to-handle panels with its own staff. The 2 ft. x 4 ft. panels are in Ceilume’s Southland style with a strong, linear design with a bright white surface that improved illumination.

Ceilume panels are Class A-rated for surface burning characteristics, contain up to 100 percent recycled content and are easy to recycle, have Greenguard Gold certification for indoor air quality. They are available in forty styles and 16 colors and finishes.


Material Used :
1. Ceiling Panels: Thermoformed panels by Ceilume.
2. Ceiling Grid: Suspended tee-bar grid.

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