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Iván Casal Nieto


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In this project, located in the touristic village of Sanxenxo, the owner requests a proposal for a commercial space with a complex program and distribution since it is intended to function throughout the day adapting to the needs of the moment (café for breakfast, restaurant for lunch and dinner and night pub for a casual drink). This is a rather irregular property, with several entry points and fairly narrow areas. 

These conditions determine the different areas; a friendly seating area with warm pavement and a more adequate space for the night with more sophisticated lighting, materials and furnishings.

 The bar enjoys a privileged location, right in between the ​​restaurants and the nightlife area with panoramic views of the sea.

The elevated position is a 'plus' and the proposal leverages it to emphasize its vision. The decor of the place transports you to the beach, using fresh colours like the white and blue on walls and tiles, materials such as wood that remind of boats, lower lighting and chairs to depict the sun and sand and vegetation consistent with this seascape.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Aluminium and wood
2. Flooring: polished concrete
3. Doors: wood
4. Windows: Aluminium
5. Roofing: plasterboard
6. Interior lighting: Tromilux
7. Interior furniture: Ondarreta

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Interior furnitureOndarreta
Interior lightingTromilux
Fiche technique du produit
Interior furniture
Interior lighting
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