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             “Donphorm Market” is a small, old fresh market in Bang Yai area. Opened since contextes around market area is still wide field. Until now, the city and prosperity expanded into. Due to the market has been opened for a long time, so the building is old and worn down. The project manager is also changed to a new generation, therefore, the idea to renovate the building is changed to be new and more modern accordingly.

              The purpose of the owner is to adjust the environment and atmosphere of entire market by using original steel structure and roof as it’s suitable for investment. Repair only the damaged roof, adjust the facade of the building, reallocate the trade stall layout, rearrange new eletrical and sanitary system. While the market must not be closed during renovation process to support the venders by using the construction management properly to improve the building. The project is divided into 3 areas. The first area is fresh market section. There are 7-11 shop in the corner. Inside is fresh market for food and groceries. The second area is behind the market. Divided into the vendor’s storage room, restroom and parking lots. The third area is a commercial building, designed to be shops at ground floor, the upper floor is a dormitory.

               The main structure is still the original steel structure, so the most concern thing is the weight of new facade that has to be installed with original structure. The architect intends to design the elevation image of the façade exposed magnitude in shade and shadow, change according to time period. The designer choose steel frame, cement board and pvc pipe to arrange the pattern in a long panel for contrasting with the lively of the market below. The inside market using house formed steel frame to separate the boundaries of the trade stall. All steel structures are painted in light color for comfortable ambiance. The commercial building requires a facade to cover the balcony of dormitory as it is used for washing area of each room. The designer choose punctured transparency panel for decoration to prevent the balcony becoming too dark and allow fresh air to flow inside. It’s been designed to be consistent and harmonize as part of the market.


Design Team : Narucha Kuwattanapasiri , Wisan Promsuntorn

Interior Architect : -

Landscape Architect : -

Structural Engineer : Kor-It Structural Design and Construction Co.,Ltd

System Engineer : Kor-It Structural Design and Construction Co.,Ltd

Photographs : Soopakorn Srisakul


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