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Miquel Merce Arquitecte

Gastronomic Center Domus Sent Sovi

MSB - ESTUDI TALLER D'ARQUITECTURA en tant que Architectes.

‘Domus Sent Sovi’ is a gastronomy center placed in an old cork’s factory, which previously was the school of the village, located in Hostalric. The plan is developed in three different floors, taking up about 900 square meters. Using the base of the indigenous products as a catalan’s culinary heritage, a diverse plan which shapes the gastronomy center is made.

The aim of the center is to explain every product, emphasising the importance of its quality, its singularity, its origin; and throughout these products, be able to discover the territory where they had been grown. The aim of designing a space that allows to look at, to handle, and also to taste the whole variety of the products.

The configuration of the building (divided in three floors) and the assortment of the plan (auditorium, exhibition‐store, workshops, restaurant...) lead the architect to propose a kind of architecture that, as well as it solve the functions of the plan, also unifies the spaces and provides a singular atmosphere over the gastronomy center.

‘Domus Sent Sovi’ is something about gastronomy, indigenous products, which are the soul of that center; a center with the wish of promoting catalan’s culinary heritage as a symbol of identity. “GASTRONOMIC LANDSCAPES”

‘Domus Sent Sovi’ is something about architecture, an interaction between materials and forms, which in their own, they configure the singular atmosphere of the center. “ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPES”

Different spaces inspired on nature have been designed, using organic and dynamic forms, and iron as the main material. These spaces not only solve the different functions required, but they generate abstract’s landscapes we can recognize in many places around our environment.

The main level (entrance) houses the exhibition‐store, the audiovisual room and a space for workshops. The visitor (who is the most important performer here) goes over this space like going for a walk, where he discovers all kind of products, its origins and the origins of our gastronomy.

In the level below, silence, the night... an auditorium. A worship space to developing any kind of activity related to gastronomy and its divulgation. The attendees will be able to see conferences and demonstrations in live and also throughout projected images. This is a place for talks; this is a place for listen to. And the level on top, a playful space where the visitor can taste the products which the chefs and cooks had prepared. Also in there, they can enjoy of gastronomic landscapes, the architectural landscapes of the center and also the views towards the village and the medieval ensemble of Hostalric that the bar zone offers.

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