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DLA Piper Hamburg

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DLA Piper Hamburg

CSMM - architecture matters en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

As an innovative law rm, DLA Piper wanted a concept for its 4,500 sqm Hamburg o ce that supports agile work and blurs the boundaries between open plan and single o ce. The Wilhelminian building „Alter Wall“ captivates with its architectural austerity and clearly sym- metrical floor plan compositions.

Integrating DLA Piper, the CSMM designers transformed this architectural language into a contemporary, inviting ambience and designed the rooms with plenty of glass, light and transparency.


The demands of the location and the building:

Situated in the “second best building on the square”, directly next to the town hall, the location of the Hanseatic branch of DLA Piper LLP in Alter Wall has special signi cance. The Wilhelmine building, which was originally built beginning in 1914 for the Reichsbank, impresses with its architectural austerity and clearly symmetrical layout. It was a challenge to combine this architecture, which is the same both inside and out, with an appropriate, but also contemporary, open and inviting ambience. As the main outer building was placed under a strict listed building preservation order as part of its renovation by Art Invest 2019, CSMM had the opportunity to carefully redesign the whole interior to create a contemporary response to this.


Requirements of an international law rm

The transformation of working environments also applies to lawyers: interdi- sciplinary teamwork, digital les, agile projects and networking require new, communicative room designs. As an innovative law rm, DLA Piper wanted a transparent concept that supported flexible and agile working and used a high proportion of glass partitions to blur the boundaries between open plan and single o ces.


User integration

In accordance with CSMM’s philosophy of focussing on the needs of the user in order to nd an optimal design and architectural solution, the architects and DLA Piper fully involved employees in the design process. In order to get a better understanding of their real needs, wishes and work processes, they organised extensive user workshops, which then had a signi cant influence on the interior design.

CSMM went on to redesign the o ces of major law rm DLA Piper in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg accordingly. They chose buildings that meet the environmental standards of forward-thinking planning: be it the historic substance and elegant new construction of the listed ‘Palais an der Oper’ building in Munich or the WINXX in Frankfurt, both of which were certi ed by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), or “Alter Wall” in Hamburg, which complies with LEED Platinum certi cation.

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