Disco Volante

Disco Volante

Tony Owen Partners
1 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia | View Map
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Disco Volante, Roof Top Bar by Tony Owen Partners

Tony Owen Partners en tant que Architectes.

Disco Volante, Roof Top Bar

by Tony Owen Partners

Sydney is joining other Asian cities in embracing the stylish roof top bar.

Work has commenced on the new Disco Volante by Tony Owen Partners atop the 10 storey Nelson House in Clarence Street in Sydney’s CBD. The bar has been designed by Tony Owen and is being developed by the Ausino Group. Nelson House is an iconic heritage building being Sydney’s first steel frame high rise building. It has a distinct classical façade of high heritage significance.

The 2 storey addition contains a restaurant and bar with outdoor dining. The minimalist design includes an open plan space with a central free-form bar and lose seating. It consists of a glass box for public areas and a masonry box for services which replace an existing plant element.

The glass box is shaded by a pattern of disc shaped aluminium shade elements.

These discs have been designed using parametric software to maximise solar protection at different times of the day. This results in a seemingly random pattern which forms a unique sculpture to crown the building. 

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