Diagonal Clinic

Diagonal Clinic

JF Arquitectes
Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain
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Xavi Gálvez

Diagonal Clinic

JF Arquitectes en tant que Architectes.

The new hospital of Mutua FIATC in Barcelona is located in a strategic place of the city, just in Ronda de Dalt west access, one of the most important motorways of Barcelona.

The main idea lie into create a dialogue between the new building and the surroundings, them conditioned the project by the relation of the different important elements and solved the concrete medicine program. The new Diagonal Clinic has 80 rooms, 7 suites, 16 medical offices, 6 operating rooms, 6 emergency boxes and all the services that a hospital need.

The solar characteristics, emphasized by the proximity to the Ronda de Dalt, conditioned the building, which presents a continuous facade opened to Barcelona and remark the outline of one of the main arteries of the city.

We propose a monolithic building clearly horizontal, materialized in white precast concrete lied on a concrete podium ink, which allows that the activity might be away of the heavy traffic, becoming apparent with a great noise, and exalt the common areas of the clinic.

Like a continuation of the same land, the particular "stylobate", only drilled on the coffee area and on the access, contain the most private uses of the clinic, operating rooms, emergency area, oncology, neonatal, ... as well as the technical plant of the building.

The upper floors, rise up providing consulting areas and rooms with fabulous views of the city. Symmetrically distributed around a central longitudinal axis, rooms are located on both sides, the south side overlooking the city of Barcelona framed by the sea and the northeast side with the forest of Collserola as a backdrop.

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