D.H.C Energy Production Center

D.H.C Energy Production Center

aldayjover architecture and landscape
Zaragoza, Spain
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D.H.C Energy Production Center

aldayjover architecture and landscape en tant que Architectes.

DISTRICT HEATING & COOLING Because of the construction of Expo del Agua 2008 in Zaragoza buildings to house the facilities associated with the generation and transformation of energy with a high level of technical and urban demand are implanted to the northern apex of Ranillas meander.

In this case the building DHC (District Heating and Cooling) is a Trigeneration station which provides heating and cooling to all meander new buildings as well as co-generating electricity pouring to the network. This is a facility that would usually be placed in the outskirts of the city or in industrial environments and in areas such as the Barcelona Forum 2004 where it takes concealment strategies. In this case hiding is not an option and due to flood causes it cannot be buried in the ground we choose to express the will of visibility and urban quality.

The building is solved with concrete walls, dark gray inside and outside, with 25 cm thick supporting skin structure. The boiler room has a light and explosionable roof resolved by corrugated polycarbonate sheets where, in each wave, is placed a RGB LED rail individually controlled by a "lighting control" that allows to generate images. This large screen for projecting images of 20x20 meters is completed with another coat of soil 4 feet high and 30 meters long of the same characteristics.

At night when the building is closed to the public, light and outdoor images of polycarbonate panels tell us what kind of energy and with which intensity it is being generated. The system, connected to the control of the power plant, translates the plant operation to color and moving image, which measures and expresses the energy in production, converting the building into an indicator that depends on the weather and users

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