Designing The Future Competition 2014

Designing The Future Competition 2014

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João Araújo Sousa & Joana Correia Silva Arquitectura

Designing The Future Competition 2014, Marlegno Srl.

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The underlying concept behind the project is based on the utmost flexibility of the individual module. We propose a simple, legible architectural structure capable of hosting various domestic activities with full flexibility and able to solve the most essential requirements for living in a contemporary multifunctional environment. Prefabrication systems are commonlymultiple choice processes based on the relationship between builder and customer and driven by typological, size, individual taste or/and economic considerations. Relying on the ongoing experience of Marlegno on prefabricated wooden construction, we want to bring the environmental debate further into the equation. Often dissociated from off-site types of construction, the contextual nuances of the physical site – slope, natural and built existing elements, confining lots – remain a precious resource that we acknowledge as fundamental in the design process and took strongly into consideration. The local architectural culture (northern-interior Portugal) was the starting point for a project based on a free composition system that allows us to explore multiple ways of living and consider a wide-ranging sort of building typologies. Adjustments in façade and roofing morphology ensure circumstantial and wider variety of choices. We derive 3 main concepts from this reflection:

1. Flexibility: a basic, easy to build modular unit capable of adapting to variousdomestic challenges and evolve in time;

2. Contextuality: a set of defining rules that potentially allows us to enhance the relationshipwith sensitive and complex environments;

3. Diversity: to explore a wider range of building typologies without avoiding the principles imposed by prefabrication.

Material Used :

1. Marlegno - Prefabricated Wooden Buildings

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