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6 styles of outdoor living

RENSON en tant que Creator.

Together with trend agency Francq Colors, Renson developed 6 complete outdoor styles for your patio cover, where materials and colors are perfectly matched. The Renson range, therefore, offers endless personalization options. Because everyone has their own style.


When it comes to the outdoor environment, styles and colors are very personal. However, the goal is the same: you prefer to combine comfort with functional and aesthetic added value. It is no coincidence that these are also the core values of the designers of Renson. Just like a wide range of choices for the finish and composition of your patio cover. With 6 complete outdoor living styles you can already gain inspiration for your own outdoor project.


-Earth Oasis:

Warm, southern colors, textures and materials for an instant summer feeling. This combination immediately makes you dream of sun-drenched regions. On vacation in your own backyard.


-Pure Essence:

Limestone, sand and natural white tones give this style an airy atmosphere. Woven outdoor curtains enhance the dreamy atmosphere. Ideal to completely unwind.


- Idyllic Garden:

Warm gray structures, in combination with olive-green tones, create a refreshing and timeless setting for maximum enjoyment. The wood elements enhance the relaxing atmosphere.


-  Spiritual Harmony:

A minimalist style in a dark color palette. Build an intimate oasis of peace in your garden, following the tendencies of traditional Japanese architecture.


- Tech Cocoon:

Radically contemporary and young, but with a warm undertone. This style is for daredevils who like to experiment. Like a blank canvas to decorate according to your own wishes.


- Crystal Lounge:

A soft gray garden construction with white roof blades and semi-transparent exterior curtains. Sleek and minimalist. This style completely blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.


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