Design Jim's Kitchen Contest

Design Jim's Kitchen Contest

Angelo Luigi Tartaglia
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Design Jim's Kitchen Contest

Angelo Luigi Tartaglia en tant que Principal architect.

It was not easy to satisfy this challenge in design a new kitchen in a space so narrow and bound  from many requests and pre-existences but since we love to cook and in our professional career we have designed many kitchens, we think we can give a solid contribute to solve Jim Richardson

needs . 

We have tried many solutions but the most organic and functional one is the Elle shape and even if it does not go so far from the previous 

solution , in which the distribution toke place  on one wool, we think this is the best proposal.

Our solution give Jim the possibility to have a new Kitchen layout, without changing anything inside the space but the result would be superb. 

The entrance door, the side door, the hallway and the connection with the living area are really hard constrictions and if you want to circulate around the space without any impediment we think the best solution is the one we propose. 

On the left side of the entrance we fitted the built- in refrigerator (Gaggenau brand ,with water dispenser inside, two refrigerator doors and a wide freezer hamper below) 

In the corner, to don’t waist the space between the base and the upper 

cabinet we located the multifunction oven( Stainless- steel KitchenAid ).

The corner base cabinet has inside a German feature that allows the user to pull out the entire corner stainless-steel baskets very easy .

After the corner we positioned the built-in dish-washer, then we have a base with an hamper and two drawers , next to this one we located the recycling garbage disposal hamper, with five baskets inside and one a drawer above with soaps dispensers . 

We have design a thick counter top in which we have positioned a recessed cook top and two recessed sinks .The hood is hidden in the upper cabinet and we started the emotional light feature, from this point , just to hide the hood projection.

In the upper cabinet we have hidden the microwave on the left inside and on the right inside we have positioned and European dishes rack drainer.

We hypothesized to remove, if it is possible, the sheetrock beam on top the suspended cabinets to have more storage space.

The entire kitchen has been designed utilizing European standard cabinetry . The idea is to have the kitchen as clean is possible without any handle. Counter top and its back are in OKITE slabs .  SIEMENS Retractable Tower System hidden inside the suspended cabinets, to leave the back counter top clean . These solution give the kitchen a timeless style. 

The only very contemporary sign is the emotional light feature with RGB system inside, that can give emotional different colors to the ambient. 

On the opposite wall take place the Island for a least four people. 

We solve the ambient lighting inserting inside the longitudinal beam a 

ZUMTOBEL light feature provided with Fluorescent and LED sources.

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