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San José del Valle, Cádiz, Spain | View Map
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Mariano Copete Franco


Carquero Arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

On this project, the shape of the plot itself gives form to the spaces, the volumes and the composition of the building.


The internal spaces go changing throughout the day, depending upon where the light reflects on the white surfaces.


By setting back the façade, an open space is created in front of the house containing the solarium and swimming pool, with a roofed terrace and a continuous glass wall highlighting the entrance and connecting the inside and outside of the home.


In this way a diaphanous first floor houses the daytime functions, where the living room articulates the interior and exterior spaces. In a more private manner, a space is reserved for a small study. On the second floor we find the bedrooms, where an open walkway spanning a double height space, connects the spatial uniformity of the home. This space runs through the whole building spilling light throughout the day. In the attic, the culmination of the staircase block gives access to the terrace forming a break in the roof in such which becomes a lookout over the surrounding rural landscape.


Materially, white is the chosen colour to highlight the stark building volume even further. The only contrast is proposed by the opaque black element which forms the vertical circulation core, clad in slate tiles. Wood is selected as the warmest and most suitable material for the floors. The rear courtyard, which causes a setback in the floor plan, guarantees natural ventilation throughout the home softening and bathing it with a more diffuse northern light.

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