Dental Unit @ prarthana Hospital Prarthit Shah Architects Rajkot

Dental Unit @ prarthana Hospital Prarthit Shah Architects Rajkot

Prarthit Shah Architects

Dental Clinic @ Prarthana Hospital

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Dental Clinic @ Prarthana Hospital Rajkot

General ward of the existing prarthana hospital was renovated into an exclusive periodontology unit. The idea was to create open, healthy and delightful dental clinic design unlike the closed stereotyped clinics.

Waiting area is common with hospital so this unit contains only consulting and a single dental chair without any partition in between. Large windows bring in plenty of light and provide garden view. The grills of windows were designed in a way that they also become planters and plant pots can not be seen from inside of clinic but only plants are seen. Areca Palms are framed in the interior as the most important highlighter and provides visual delight to patient during dental surgery. The wall cladding is of acasia (baval) wood which has unique variation in color tone and solid figures. This wooden cladding is soaked with oil before polishing process to bring out the sheen of wood.

One leg table is almost floating and so doesn’t divide the space. Natural plants inside the clinic and outside the windows are most significant elements of the interiors and random wooden cladding provides a rustic backdrop to it.

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