Delta-studio: Delta Programme

Delta-studio: Delta Programme

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Dutch Delta Programme

Posad spatial strategies en tant que Urbanistes.

In cooperation with the 'Delta-studio', Posad is working on the strategies for all the nine Delta Programmes of the Netherlands. The aim is to connect all Delta Programmes and to determine the focal points; dike improvements, water level changes, building adaptively and completely new rivers.

The Netherlands is the best protected delta in the world. But how can we ensure that we remain protected from high water – now and in the future – and that our supply of freshwater is secure? And, in addition, how can we ensure that the Netherlands remains an attractive country in which to live, work and invest? The measures that are necessary to this end are prepared and elaborated in the Delta Programme. The Delta Programme is a national programme in which the Dutch government, provinces, municipalities and water authorities work together in collaboration with civil society organisations, the business community and knowledge institutions under the direction of the government commissioner for the Delta Programme.

Being safe and staying safe That we are able to live in our delta is never simply a matter of course. It demands constant efforts to ensure that we are safe, and stay so. The work is never finished. Measurements show that the sea level is rising and subsidence is occurring. We are expecting more extreme weather with more wet periods. Rainwater must be discharged via the rivers. The prevailing safety standards date from the 1960s and were set after the disastrous flood in the south-western Netherlands in 1953.

Today, we have more to protect than we did 50 years ago. Away from the coast and behind our river dikes lies a densely-populated area with people, animals and goods that are vulnerable if flooding occurs. Almost 60% of our country is vulnerable to flooding, including our economic heart. Flooding results in unimaginable suffering and damage. Protection from floods – caused by the sea as well as by our large rivers – is therefore of vital importance.

Research by design The Delta-studio is the workshop for research by design within the Delta Programme. The Delta-studio has as its motto 'verbinden door verbeelden' and is the label for all spatial design activities within the Delta Programme. The Delta-studio makes clear where opportunities for synergy between water and space and strengthens the integrated approach of the Delta Programme.

The Delta-studio contributes to the development of strategies, both as part of sub-programmes as for coherent strategies at a higher level. The Delta-studio is responsible for the quality and consistency of the research by design within the sub-programmes. Through research by desig and word and (map) images the Delta-studio contributes to the deepening of the issues of the Delta Programme and the exploration of possible solution strategies. The Delta-studio is therefore always looking for solutions that work because they resolve the water issue and also add social value. Solutions that contribute to opportunities for the city and opportunities for agriculture, opportunities for ecology and opportunities for the environment of man.

Results since 2012:

Maps of generic sub-programmes in the Delta Programme 2013 Design and visualisation of possible strategies for each sub-programme for the main text of the Delta Programme 2013 and the annexes Delta Programme 2013 Investigating and visualizing relationships in the water system (Safety) Investigating and visualizing how opportunities for water and space can be analyzed

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