Delft City Hall and Train Station

Delft City Hall and Train Station


Benthem Crouwel Architects
Van Leeuwenhoeksingel 42A, 2611 AC Delft, Netherlands | View Map
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Delft City Hall and Train Station

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Arriving in Delft is an unforgettable experience. From the outset, Mecanoo’s idea was to design a station that makes it clear to visitors that they have arrived in Delft. The station, in combination with the new city hall, sits atop a new train tunnel built in place of the old concrete viaduct that divided the city in two since 1965.

Coming up the escalators, the impressive ceiling with the historic map of Delft unfolds (in collaboration with Geerdes Ontwerpen). When you look outside, you see the city and the old station as a contemporary version of Johannes Vermeer’s painting 'View of Delft’.

A vaulted ceiling features an enormous historic 1877 map of Delft and its surroundings, connecting the station with the city hall. Within the station hall, walls and columns are adorned with a contemporary re-interpretation of Delft Blue tiles. You can walk directly from the station into the city hall. 

Throughout the design process, the building volume has been shaved and reformed to create a compact, highly efficient building form. The lowered roof lines at the corners provide a gradual transition towards the existing small-scale development of the Delft city centre and the adjacent Wester Quarter. 

Incisions in the glass volume of the city hall building form a pattern of alleyways and courtyards, which are themselves inspired by the intricate structure of Delft. The facade responds to the different sun orientations, which determined the amount of glass incorporated, thus mitigating daylight needs while reducing heat gain in the summer months.

The glass has a high light absorption factor but low solar absorption, and all windows can be opened manually for user comfort and natural ventilation. Solar panels on the roof provide 20% of the energy for the building mechanics and presence-aware lighting. The GreenCalc+ score is rated at 270.


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The underground train station Delft is the complete redevelopment of the railway zone in Delft. The project includes among others a tunnel with underground station, parking facilities, a new municipal offices, homes and offices, a park and water features. Mission: In collaboration with Hunter Douglas Europe BV, MB Finishing Montage BV realizes an extrusion ceiling for the platform. A unique ceiling which was negotiated by a close cooperation of Hunter Douglas and Benthem Crouwel Architects.