DELA headquarters

DELA headquarters

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Ewout Huibers

DELA headquarters

Hollandse Nieuwe en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

DELA is a coorperative company that focuses on care, assurance and the continuity of life. Hollandse Nieuwe has designed four office floors, a restaurant on the ground floor, and a meeting center on the mezzanine.


DELA’s request was to create a flexible, sustainable work environment that stimulates efficient and effective work. The space is to express the organization’s identity and turn the working environment into a healthy and inspiring place where all DELA employees feel at home.


This in turn contributes to both customer and employee satisfaction. DELA’s ambition is to be the center of society, and its working space should reflect this by displaying approachability and an open character. Hollandse Nieuwe has translated this by designing a welcoming living room, accessible to the public on the ground floor. The restaurant is part of the meeting center and is accessible for both building occupants and the public.


The ground floor has been transformed with an entirely new glass façade that hides behind a ‘green skirt’. This so-called ‘green skirt’ is a continues stretch of plants draping down from the first floor. This way, it relates towards its surroundings and it naturally invites guests inside. The space provides a rich and warm ambiance by the combination of the natural oak floor, black espresso bar, dark upholstered walls, colour accented furniture and lush green. This is reinforced by the big contrast with the meeting center on the mezzanine that has a white, light and fresh ambiance.


A spacious staircase leads you here where you can overlook the restaurant activity and vice versa. Work processes have been improved by implementing a large diversity of flexible workplaces including agile and scrum areas resulting in a more efficient workflow. An open plan work floor is realized by creating maximum flexibility in the secondary functions around the central core, which gives a more spatial overview and more daylight. By applying the multifunctional PANL throughout the space, the work environment can easily be reorganized whenever team compositions change.


Besides supporting agile and scrum work processes and activity patterns, PANL also offers acoustic and visual identity to the space. DELA is the launch customer for PANL. Materials and colours clearly define the zoning on the workfloors; the core transforms from an open, transparent and activating use of colour (communication zone) to a more closed area where calm colours and wood gradually take over (concentration). A large anchor point is situated between the floors to stimulate internal encounter and facilitate large meetings. The floors are connected with open staircases that are linked to this core.

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Fiche technique du produit
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