De Ronding
Thea van den Heuvel

De Ronding

OIII architecten bv en tant que Architectes.

The apartmentcomplex “De Ronding” on the Burgemeester Meslaan is a residential facility for seniors. The urban design provides a good fit with the surrounding residential area and strengthens the structure of the park-like with the existing buildings of Riverland Foundation care center. Particular attention is paid to the private domain and encounter. The entrance side is designed as a wide covered exterior area with private terraces. Here is the possibility to interact with each other. The typology of the 34 apartments are in line with the curved building structure. The houses are functionally divided into two halves which are shifted relative of each other. This leads to a private terrace on the gallery side and an open angle at the front so that residents from the living room have a splendid view. The "jagged" facades is reflected on a smaller scale in the form of profiled steel cladding, combined with high level facade. The horizontal concrete elements with an infill of red metal cladding and floor high windows, create a continous and harmonic unity.

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