De Maria all daycafe

De Maria all daycafe

The Morris Project
Nolita, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA | View Map
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The Morris Project

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De Maria in Nolita

The Morris Project en tant que Architectes.

All of our work starts by identifying the client’s brand positioning.  In order to design we must first know the personality of the brand and have a clear ides of the client’s vision. This client asked us to revive his Nolitan venue to what it was in the 60s, an inviting hub for the creative community.


The concept is reminiscent of Nolita’s early days when artists and the neighborhood had daily exchanges. The design highlights art and imperfection, so you feel it has been passed down by generations of local artists.


The previously dark space was given a brighter canvas and a new layout. We added texture & plaster to the walls to bring a layer of brightness to the space. By designing an arch between two columns we created an opportunity for additional ambient light, and also configured a more intimate layout between the bar and main dining area. Additions of tambour along one wall and the bar face warmed the room.


To continue the artist theme, we designed tributes to the area’s past, such as the tile mural on the back bar wall, an interpretation of a David Novros piece at Donald Judd’s property.  We covered all tables with muted colors in leather, creating a warm backdrop for the meal.


The white tile feature wall is an example of The MP Shift’s focus on imperfection. After pulling down old shelving, we embraced the cracks and missing tiles by combining the old subway tiles with new one-inch tiles and touches of brass. This layering effect is a nod to an artist studio where available materials are layered over time.

Tambour Panels provide warmth to an all daycafe

Surfacing Solution en tant que Solid Wood Tambour Walls.

Grooved and flexible Tambour wood panels cover accent walls and bar fronts in this urban New York Cafe.

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Solid Wood Tambour Walls
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Solid Wood Tambour WallsSurfacing Solution
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Solid Wood Tambour Walls
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