Ashish Chakroborty & Abir Chakroboty


THE CROSSBOUNDARIES en tant que Concepteurs.

“CUTTING EDGE”a 390 sq.ft of space is a state of Art, Unisex boutique Salon. As the name suggests, “CUTTING EDGE” is an angularly premeditated one of its kind salon in Vadodara, India.

Cutting Edge is a rejoinder to an entirely unique concept complemented within a stringent time schedule of 30 days. However, the entire project was executed within 27 days, adding 3 days to its commercial commencement.

Our strategy was to project the small space with colossal list of client’s requirement in a way to attain a blend free flowing elements without any hindrance. Strict budget was another constraint, which THE CROSSBOUNDARIES overcame with a savings of 18%.

The reception desk at the entrance is emphasised with a pocket of fresh planters. The angular shimmering white reception desk and metallic jet grey ledge in the waiting area compliment and supplement each other. The planter pocket invigorates the entire concept by infusing an element of nature.

There are four stations for hair dressing and one station for hair shampoo/conditioning. All the stations are equipped with storage in the sides so as to create comfortable work ergonomics. Every station has a full sized mirror on the forth and sides. A small basin is allied with one of the stations for indoor hand wash. The separate room hides at the end which leads you to the groom’s section along with pedicure and Medicare-section.

The exposed wiring plays a vital role in incepting a vivid grid system on the ceiling. In consideration with the restrained space, the ceiling has been perceptively layered with grid of lights and exposed wiring. A set of “tailored pendent lights” are retained above each station, dedicated towards customer service. The lights are essentially customised and conceptualised by us so as to add a colour element to the space. Further to elevate the ambiance the linear spot lights are placed in the ceilings in order to highlight the space horizontally.

The angular design juxtapositions all the 5 stations in a manner which creates a better space utility for the styler as well as the customers. The 4 styling chairs are kept angularly, facing the angular mirror providing a private space for each customer (like a semi cubical).

The “tailored pendent lights”hanging from the ceiling along with igniting the space also serve the prerequisite for artifacts. These lights have been conceptualised by us and personalised by a group of talented artists with hot wax and fibre as the core material. The “tailored pendent lights” deliver sensitive detailing with vibrant rustic splash of colours which augments to the overall appearance of the area.

The dark cosy area with a tint of bright yellow consents an aura of ease for the customers. Adjacent to the reception area the wall mural exhibits various postures of hands where the hair products are displayed, infusing a promising sculptural influence.

THE CROSSBOUNDARIES is recognised for evolving their own process and customise their own products. We believe in crafting uniqueness imbibed with methodology and concept. The idea here under was to craft 6 different hand postures of owners hand to be mounted on a wall fashioning a deemed space for displaying products. The hand sculptures identify themselves as remarkable piece of art in the salon. This concept was intellectualised with a assistance received from the “HANDS”, a fine-artist friend to transform a vision into a reality.

We merged classic cosy atmosphere with unique design constituents. The tailored lights invite an orchestra of art drooping down the ceiling along with a perceptible grid system showcased above.

The wooden PVC flooring adds to the overall expression of the area by adding flavor to the Grey’s, Yellow’s and Green’s flourished in the saloon.

CUTTING EDGE is a perfect example where space, time and pecuniary constraints paved a way towards giving life to the creative aspirations of THE CROSSBOUNDARIES- Where Simplicity is at its best!!!

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