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Matteo Talarico Nicolette Marzovilla


Matteo Talarico Nicolette Marzovilla en tant que Architectes.

The emergency from COVID-19 has changed the spaces where we live. CUBE-19 is a new way of reinterpreting beach life by putting customer safety at the forefront while offering a cost-effective solution, valid for any type of beach and anywhere in the world. 

CUBE-19 was designed to make the beach experience safe. The starting point of the project is the layout of the circulation and the distance between the umbrellas.

Entrance, exit and use of the beach are organized according to horizontal and vertical paths. Vertical circulation (entrance and exit) is regulated through one-way walkways 1.5 m wide. The 3 m wide horizontal circulation is divided by low separator obtaining two directions. The accesses to the individual units are arranged according to a staggered composition to guarantee further safety and avoid crowd. The user will be accompanied to his own cube, specially numbered and sanitized, by the balneary operators.

The structure will be made of wood (swan timber pine) and connected by stainless steel brackets. Nonwoven fabric sheets (commonly used for masks, thanks to its filtering properties) will be attached to it via Velcro. In this way it can be easily replaced or washed in the case of damage.

Keywords of the proposal are: sustainability (through the use of natural and recyclable materials easily available on site), easy construction, rapid execution and low price.

In this way the owners of the beach clubs will have the advantage of being able to self-build the modules in a short time, thanks also to the optimization of the construction technique and the modular layout, and to the contained costs. 

Each module is numbered, allowing intuitive recognition of its cube, which will host a sanitizing device. The spatial organization of the protective filter allows social distancing and at the same time full freedom for adults and children to enjoy the sun. 

CUBE-19 is a project donated by Matteo Talarico and Nicolette Marzovilla, two young italian architects, to the Municipality of Soverato (a small town in South of Italy) and and it aims at both beach clubs and free beaches.

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