CR Shimei Bay International Marina Club

CR Shimei Bay International Marina Club


CR Shimei Bay International Marina Club

Asia Pacific Designers Federation en tant que Association.

Location: Shimei Bay, Liji County, Wanning, Hainan Use: Yacht Club G.F.A: App. 5,000 sq.m Developer: China Resource Shimei Bay Tourism Development (Hainan) Ltd. Scope: Architectural &Signage (Jointly With HKS)

China Resources Shimei Bay Yacht Club is situated in central Shimei Bay in Hainan. The overall design reflects naturally marine beauty. The club looks like a pair of silvery whales leaping out of the sea. Its double curved surfaces of the roofs create a subtle interaction with the ocean-wave- shaped docks. Consequently, the club is in perfect harmony of the bay environment.

Aiming to get a perfect visual experience from every angle of the bay, we carefully consider the double curved surfaces of the roofs. Every customized aluminum panel is assembled on site after accurate analysis by three-dimensional space technology and localization. This step is as difficult as the one of Guangzhou Opera House.

Made of accurate glass with sleek lines, the club facade is simple, alive and pure. There is a blowhole as a natural lighting provider on the top of each roof to fill the entire interior space with sunlight. The floor glass windows let you enjoy the amazing ocean views from every prime functional area. Joining the two buildings is an elevated platform which provides a stunning panoramic view of the ocean. The platform is creatively placed as the centre axis, leading to the entrance of the ocean, where the two lighthouse stand. You'll enjoy this 130°vision field of the sea as a visual treat.

From abstract manuscript,three-dimensionally spatial technology, accurate localization to completion on site, we cooperate closely with material suppliers and professional construction team and solve technical problems to make the club to be an iconic design, enhancing the alluring beauty of the Shimei Bay.

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