CP Organon

CP Organon


Siebold Nijenhuis Architecten
Oss, Netherlands | View Map
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Menno Emmink

CP Organon

Broekbakema en tant que Architectes.

The first completed building on the former paddock of the pharmaceutical company Organon in Oss is the CP production building.

The plant consists of three production lines on the first storey. These are connected by a service strip that contains the support functions, such as offices, toilets and changing rooms. Above the actual production floors is a technical storey with all the installations and technical facilities. The supply and transport of goods is located on the ground floor, while the main entrance is on the first storey.

Broekbakema has been put in charge of the master plan for the paddock, fitting the CP within the boundary conditions of this master plan and forming the façades of the CP.

The façade concept for the CP consists of a large, upturned U-form placed over the three production lines and the service strip. The construction is intentionally kept out of sight, as the starting point was to achieve a building that was more than a simple addition of the functional parts. The U contains the entire programme and turns it into one large building with a canopy roof; further materialisation will ensure that the bulk of the building is attenuated. This introduces a stratification in the façades that creates the effect of an increasing level of detail the closer one approaches the building from afar. The two longitudinal façades are built from an outer facing of hard glass sheets with frames at places where daylight is required. The front façade at the entrance consists of aluminium slats which, at the window openings, are mobile in the form of a sunblind.

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