Courtyard Town House

Courtyard Town House

Moho Arquitectos
Villena, Spain | View Map
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Courtyard Town House

Moho Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The house scheme, designed for a just married couple, answers to the intention of setting its night and day rooms towards a big courtyard, perpendicular to the facade, and closing itself to a low visual interest street . The courtyard is generated by separating the construction 3.5 m to the plot dividing wall, all along its east orientation. This movement creates a band that is developed partially on the ground floor, configuring a small back garden, and, mainly, on the first floor , creating a long private terrace.

The tangential disposition of the access from the street, a different idea for this kind of houses, more typical of other ,less-urban, typologies. The hall, a semi-outside gardened courtyard with a stairs , drives to the terrace on the first floor. The landlords gain access to a tropical wood floorboards that works as a “summer living room” and an extension of the first floor, where the living and dining room, the kitchen and a toilet are clearly set

The second floor, or “night floor” places two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sloping ceiling study-bedroom.. On the ground floor is located the parking and a second living room, spaces which are able to work together like a big polyvalent room because are divided by a big wood sliding door.. A sort of storing and auxiliary rooms of the house complete the program on the ground floor.

The different floors are connected by a stair which is crowned with a vertical and well–faced fanlight that fills with light the spaces placed away to the courtyard.

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