Corner Plaza

D'Architects en tant que Architectes.

Corner Plaza is located on the cross-section of the main highway and an important artery on the edge of a dense business district. The project aims to create a pedestrian-friendly public space which is protected from the heavy traffic and noise pollution of the neighborhood. The complex consists of three main elements; the office tower, the city hotel and the ground level plaza hosting restaurants and shops. The office tower aims to pinpoint the complex in the city silhouette while taking the human scale into consideration. To provide such transition from human scale to city scale, the cubic office boxes with terraces and natural ventilation transforms into homogeneous glass facade of a high rise. The hotel block on the other side creates a continuity of the neighborhood texture functioning independently from the street on the back. The third touch to these two main blocks is the commercial token blocking the road connection of the highway. This mass both protects the complex from the noise of the traffic at the same time works as a totem for the complex. Altogether the complex forms a rich pedestrian courtyard connecting the two main roads on two different levels and two different scales.

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