Coolblue - office interior

Coolblue - office interior

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Coolblue - Interior

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The new headquarters of internetshop Coolblue is located in the heart of Rotterdam city center, right next to Rotterdam Central station. As a young and dynamic company, Coolblue was looking for a new working environment. For the interior it was decided to create a neutral background based on the corporate colours. Themed meeting and concentration rooms are designed by Coolblue's own department based upon highlights of Rotterdam and the company's history. Siebold Nijenhuis Architect designed all one off furniture (cafeteria, cloakroom, coffee corners, printing and stock rooms) in line with Coolblue's brand guidelines.

The first two floors of the building were designed by Siebold Nijenhuis as Architect Director of Broekbakema in 2012. After he established SNA, and Coolblue expanded, they returned to design additional floors.

The relationship with Coolblue has developed over the years and SNA is proud to assist the company on other projects like its offices in the warehouse in Tilburg and the refurbishement of the offices in Capelle aan de IJssel. We also designed a special device wall unit to test all different types of mobile devices.

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