Condominium and commercial office

Condominium and commercial office

JDS Architects
Brussels, Belgium
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The BE.

JDS Architects en tant que Architectes.

The post world war rebuilding of European cities was based on principles of repetitive techniques and initiated the transition to a modernism devoid of ideologies: The International Style. In the 60’s and 70’s that style spread an endless amount of office ghettos through our city centres. The task on this project will be to embrace and nourish a modern life based on diversity, identity and ideals.

The typology of the condominium towers have become the detriment of human (or the benchmark for inhumane) living Towers with no real qualities of living, a lack of garden and public space that supports no sense of community.

At the core of Brussels centre, the very heart of a country politically confused in between 2 linguistic communities and, some say, on the verge of division we propose to take a stand and use architecture as a catalyst for clarity and opinion: the .BE Buildings will be a living complex inhabited by human beings in Belgium.

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