Compás de las Ánimas y del Nazareno

Compás de las Ánimas y del Nazareno

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Álora, Málaga, Spain | View Map
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Fernando Alda

Compás de las Ánimas y del Nazareno

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Álora is placed as a bow of the mountainous landscape of Sierra del Hacho facing to the coast of Málaga and the Valley of Guadalhorce. One of its Its main highlights is its Castle surrounded by an ancient Arrabal (arab quarter). The village has a rich and interesting history related to the Moorish defence against the Catholics and about the beginings of the malagueña, a kind of flamenco song.

It took place an architectural competition for refurbishing and renovating the castle surroundings in order to renovate public facilities as well as attract new travellers. We purposed an intervention called “tapestry scale 1:1” which captures the energy of its landscape. It would be a kind of stone map which would help the visitant to see, discover, know and experience the cultural landscape. The first phase of the complete intervention has been a small square called Compás de las Ánimas y del Nazareno.

Products and brands:

1. Top-Light. Light stone. Lighting pavement.

2. Granitos Quintana, Granite pavement.

3. Marmoles Guadalhorce. Mácael, White marble.

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