Commercial Center Diagonal Mar

Commercial Center Diagonal Mar

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Commercial Center Diagonal Mar

BMLD en tant que Concepteurs.

BMLD, design Studio founded by Birgit Walter, was responsible for the lighting design project of the Commercial Center Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

The renovation of the existing Diagonal Mar Shopping Center covers 100,500 m2 divided over five levels, three commercial floors and two parking floors. The renovation was done in the record time of 12 months while maintaining the center open and accounted with a tight budget. The mall’s shape is rectangular in floorplan, and its long corridors act as the main axis, visually interrupted by three rotundas, one main one at the center of its length, and two secondary ones located at the end of hallways. The third floor has a very dominant skylight throughout its length which is visible from all floors.


The lighting scheme focuses on the main skylight and the linearity of the space. From the beginning, it was clear to us that we would need to play with the geometrical elements of the project, “ the line” within hallways and the “spiral” within rotundas while allowing for a playful sculptural element to interact with the skylight while allowing its view and daylight contribution. The “lines” transformed into LED linear lights with opal diffusers located as visible continuous lines of light along the length of the axis, integrated within ceiling edges, below travellators and adjacent to handrails. In some instances, the LED lines spiral vertically following the architectural composition, helping the special definition while creating highlights and reflections within architectural finishes. The lines provide fill light while the actual lighting levels are achieved through recessed mounted ceiling downlights within acoustic panels.


Within rotundas, a "spiral" was designed that starts at lowest floor and ends at third floor. It is integrated next to handrail at floor level as well as recessed mounted within wooden ceiling. The main rotunda integrates additional media walls within its perimeter and center that complete the lighting scheme. The secondary ones incorporate the sculptural element associated with the skylight.


The sculptural element developed for the secondary rotundas as well as for the large skylight of the third level is intended to provide brilliance and movement throughout the passing of the day. A white symmetrical grid hangs from the structure of the glass roofs allowing for a white LED DMX controlled glass bead to hang every 45cm. The 10 cm diameter ribbed glass bead integrates a 3 watt 3000ºK LED and provides both brightness and movement within its space. The sculpture transforms itself when reaching the secondary rotundas, allowing a free-floating composition within them.


All lighting systems are LED, dimmable, Dali and DMX and are 3000ºK. Lighting levels are set during the day at 200 lux in the corridors and at 300 lux on the main axis, lowering the levels during the night, which allows the architectural elements to have a greater visual impact.


Material Used :

Main lighting suppliers: Avantled + Lutron + Protopixel

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