Comfort Town

Comfort Town

Reheneratorna St, 4, Kyiv, Ukraine | View Map
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Alex Ivanov
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Comfort Town Housing in Kyiv

Archimatika en tant que Architectes.

Glance out of the airplane window as you descend into Kyiv’s Borispol airport, and you are likely to spot a 40-hectare explosion of rainbow-colored concrete on the ground below. This is Comfort Town, erupting from its drab surroundings like Lego on a shabby grey carpet. Children’s building blocks indeed inspire comfort Town’s 180 low-rise apartment buildings, a playful response to the sprawling 1950s and 60s communist-era housing that encircles them.

The secured grounds operate as a city-within-a-city, housing everything needed for modern life, from shops and restaurants to schools and gyms. “Your little slice of Europe in Kyiv,” declares the brochure. Indeed, for the most part, its 8,500 apartments and manicured courtyards have been embraced by a generation of young families and urban professionals who feel culturally closer to Europe than to the country’s Soviet heritage. 

The first residential complex in Ukraine based on the block development principle instead of the customary Soviet micro-district type. Different stories of adjacent buildings (ranging from 2 to 16 floors) form a picturesque image of every street. The first phase of the complex was commissioned in 2010, the last one in 2020.

In the conditions of a limited budget, in early 2009, architects created sections with simple geometric shapes and made flat facades, thus excluding balconies and decorative elements. The focus was on three techniques: silhouette: different turns and height of dual-pitch roofs allowed to achieve interesting shapes; window: the first housing project in Kyiv to use the French balcony system and the window shifting system, which allowed to avoid monotonous rows; color: the first daring color solution for a residential neighborhood in the country.

Residents have received a complex, comfortable environment with green pedestrian courtyards. Full infrastructural service includes fitness clubs, stores, kindergartens, and schools. A restored park with perennial trees, sculptures, a fountain, block development, pedestrian courtyards where you can play with children – all that makes this residential the district's status as a whole increased.


Awards and recognitions:

●     2010 Housing award in the Best Residential Complex Design in Ukraine nomination

●     2013 Housing award

●     The Best Economy Class Residential Complex in Kyiv in 2013 award at the 2013 All-Ukrainian Urban and Suburban Real Estate Forum

●     1st class diploma in the 2014 Public Property nomination

●     Winner of the 2016 Choice of the Year international festival contest in the Residential Complex of the Year nomination

●    European Property Awards 2016-2017 in the Residential Development nomination

World Architecture Festival 2019: Finalist in nomination Housing - Completed Buildings
World Architecture Festival 2019: Use of Colour Prize

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