Collider Activity Center

Collider Activity Center

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Collider Activity Center

DESET en tant que Architectes.


From urban point of view, two directions are interlaced - this of a residential area with complex buildings and this of a city boulevard. The property is located in the park between them, which determines the situation of the future building.

The social potential consists of three categories established by the closest subway station, a city boulevard and a residential complex.

In terms of climatic characteristics: 4 seasons, temperate climate, sub-mountain landscape, annual rainfall average of 572mm; positive solstice, without significant abnormalities which would need of special measures for energy efficiency; moderate wind 3-5 m/s.


The building is situated in a way to have adequate contact with the urban context. The thorough analisys of the social activities, running lines, connections and urban visual communications, regards the the location of the main entrances. The concept of the building is a sliced rhomboid with side lenght of 60 meters and diagonals of 66 and 100 meters, consisting of 4 triangles which are spirally opening from the landscape to the residential complex. This favors the orientation of the building and benefits the link between communication and environment.

The orientation and access from all possible directions are easy and attractive in order to create positive visual impact and emotions for the visitors. The building has a memorable and unobtrusive vision - people-oriented and open to self-organization.

Functional zoning:

The visitors area is located on the first three levels and on the green roof, organized on the open space principle. Situated entirely above the ground, the building is accessible and orientation-friendly from all directions. The parking, loading and operation areas of the building are situated to the southeast, where the streams of visitors with cars, administration and service are distributed. An innovative solution is used to develop the staircase - height of 450 cm, allowing parallel development of two disjoint stair arms. This helps the visitors and the administration to use the same staircase without crossing their paths. Separate elevators are planned for the visitors and administration. The main entrance of the building is located southwest with separate square space, allowing the development of additional recreational functions. An outside climbing wall is located near the entrance, which clearly defines the functional dominance of the building. In parallel, this place is the culmination of the architectural structure. The Administration is set on level 4 and 5.

All the visitors with bicycles, inline skates and roller skates have free access through a system of ramps and landscaped green roof. All functional areas have access for disabled people and mothers with strollers.

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