Coimbra-Steinman house

Coimbra-Steinman house

Fran Silvestre Architects
Lisbon, Portugal | View Map
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Coimbra-Steinman house

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The house is located in the upper part of a field of a golf course with distant views towards the city of Lisbon.

The project arises in this case from the site. A topography that descends smoothly, a place where it can be built on a longitudinal surface with a triangular geometry. The wishes of their future owners also intervene, a house open to the landscape and simultaneously a more private space in which to enjoy the outdoors.

Two pieces that meet at a point, where access and studies are located, are presented in this way. A longitudinal piece is inserted in the land, with a proportion that maximizes the perimeter of the architecture, in this space is the day area of the house. A second body unfolds from the point of contact, in which the bedrooms are located.

Both pieces respond to a straight and curved pattern that has always fascinated us in the work of Siza and Alfaro. Between the two pieces there is a kind of patio that tries to respond to the duality between being protected and opening up to the landscape.

A delicious encounter that emerges from the dialogue with the users of this house. A dialogue that materializes in a project that goes beyond an architecture.

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