Coimbra Cultural Center

Coimbra Cultural Center

Javier Garcia Alda architect

Sara Plaza Beltran
Parque Coimbra, Spain | View Map
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New public building for municipal services

Javier Garcia Alda architect en tant que Architectes.

The Coimbra-Guadarrama, is a remote district of Mostoles neighborhood. It is located approximately 7km away from the village, has a population of about 9,200 residents and lacks own cultural services. Mostoles City Council proposes the construction of a Cultural Center which responds that demand.

We propose a special building with segregated typology, with that representative character corresponding to a municipal institution.

The main conditions in the development of Design were: - the topography (North-South slope of more than 15m), - the orientation of the plot (N-S) and - The program (independent pieces with different schedule and exclusive access).

A large roof inclined toward the South, supported by two walls with very few façade openings. As binder and unifying element of such different pieces.

Housed inside a longitudinal stepped distribution.Opened to the south with large windows protected by lattices and eaves.And north overlooking the mountains.

The main access transversely to the longitudinal axis arises from a concourse at the highest point of the plot. Its program is developed on three floors above the ground and two below.

From the square level there is the access to Cultural Center. At ground floor: the Reception, Conference Hall and Exhibition room. At first floor a multipurpose room. And at second floor the library and the access to lookout point at top level.

The Social Centre has an independent access to the street level but from the South. Housed inside a day care center of the 3rd Age with changing rooms and office as well as a playroom.

One floor below, a restaurant also with independent access from the street through a staircase.And behind another space reserved to local police station. In this first level below the square, there is the parking staff and a level below, the public parking.

• STRUCTURE The vertical structure is made up by reinforced concrete pillars and diaphragm wall surrounding the elevators. There are also metal pillars to support the stairs and the roof of the building. And the horizontal structure is made by reinforced concrete slabs and retaining walls. The roof is an inclined metal structure and consists of 8 parallel frames of different height depending on the level where they support, with flights both on top and bottom.The main beams are IPE-600 profiles supported by pillars HEB-200 bearing a double upper and lower belts IPE-180 which support an enclosure which completely surrounds the structure.

• ENCLOSURES The enclosures are composed by a wall of double leaf, consisting of two blocks of Thermo-clay 29 with an air chamber between thermal insulation projected polyurethane 5cm paneled outside with natural stone and interior panelling of gypsumboard. • INNER WALLS The inner walls and partitions are composed by laminated gypsum board

• ROOF The main deck "inclined" will be resolved with a light structure of rolled sections, beams and belts abase and coverage aluminum sandwich panel thermolaquered The intermediate horizontal roofs will be the "inverted" type with or without thermal insulation and pavement or gravel as appropriate.

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