Coffee Shop + Shading Surface, Sacavém

Coffee Shop + Shading Surface, Sacavém

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João Morgado

Coffee Shop + Shading Surface, Sacavém

Ateliermob en tant que Architectes.

These projects are part of the urban requalification plan for the main avenue of Sacavém - a former working class village at the outskirts of Lisbon (Portugal), promoted by its city hall with European funds. The interventions had the common goal of playing the decisive role at the qualification of public spaces in between buildings, formerly abandoned and disqualified.

We thought that the three buildings to be constructed, although holding different uses and problematic, should look like being part of the same family. This familiarity should contribute to clarify and unit the visual complexity of the built environment stepping in a turbulent social context. Therefore, we started to work under the motto: "nothing new under the sun".

From the three interventions, only two were constructed. The key element is the fifth elevation (roof plan) that emerges as the decisive architectural element to settle actual different heights of the streets. In the cases of the Coffee Shop's and Tobacco shop's (not built) buildings providing a fluid view of the streets and, in the case of the Shading Surface, assuming its rule of shelter one a big void. Although the building's plot are discreet, they intensive explore the space in between horizontal plans - ceiling and floor, throughout natural light and tensioned floor slabs slopes.

Regarding the shading surface, the pixelation of its roof with a modular non-axial orientation and the correspondent light games made it became the key element of all the urban project and an identity spot to the inhabitants.

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