Classic Car Showroom

Classic Car Showroom

One Corner Architects
Tampa, Florida, USA | View Map
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Christa Joyner Moody
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
LightingMP Lighting
LightingZaniboni Lighting
Decking Cali Bamboo
FurnitureDesign Within Reach
LightingHE Williams

Fiche technique du produit

Classic Car Showroom

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The project is the renovation of an existing 1980s rigid steel frame warehouse building. Existing interior partitions were removedand three distinct program elements of classic car showroom, entertainment area and spec. offices, were inserted into the large open volume.  The showroom programhas an industrial aesthetic that compliments the cars andutilizes the prefabricated building system. A perforated metal screen starts as a floor material, curves into the wall and continues into the ceiling.It wraps the cars in a single, continuous, monochromatic, membrane that selectively reveals the existing structure and accents the color and design of the cars.


The floor, wall, and ceiling of the entertainment area aresheathed in natural Maple flooring.  The warmth of the Maple is in harmonious contrast to the cool metal and concrete surfaces of the adjacent showroom.  From the Maple box the stainless-steel wall and floor of the bar area jut out to the west through a glass garage door to an exterior extension of the concrete bar surrounded by a bamboo garden. From the bar a folded plate steel stair goes up to a lounge/guest rm with electrostatic privacy film on the glass.


In the lobby a folded steel stair winds up through an atrium to a conference room and offices. The first-floor office area features exposed wooden beams, a polished concrete floor, and abank of built-in cabinets that span the entire west wall in a checkerboard pattern that offers glimpses of the antique cars.  The second-flooroffice area has a floor to ceiling glass wall with strips of frosting that allow glimpses of the cars while maintaining a sense of privacy on both sides.  The perforated metal ceiling of the showroom continues through the glass wall and over the offices giving the diverse program a sense of spatial continuity.     


Material Used :
1. Design Within Reach - Furniture
2. Cali Bamboo - Decking 
3. Royalty Hardwoods - Wood floors, wall, ceiling
4. Raynor - Glass Garage Door
5. Oldcastle Building Envelope - Curtain Wall
6. Zaniboni - Lighting
7. Intense - Lighting
8. V2 - Lighting
9. HE Williams - Lighting
10. BEGHELLI - Lighting
12. MP Lighting - Lighting

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