Clapham Manor Primary School

Clapham Manor Primary School

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Clapham Manor Primary School

dRMM en tant que Architectes.

dRMM’s intervention into a Victorian Board School, completed July 2009. A polychromatic extension inserted into a tight urban context offers the school a new identity, much-needed learning spaces and an organisational hub, while maximising play space.

Clapham Manor Primary School had become a victim of its own success; pupil numbers had grown, placing considerable pressure on successful delivery of curriculum within the restrictions of the original building. dRMM was asked to consider the provision of additional learning spaces within the site that would support both learning and play. The new wing is conceived as a freestanding addition that plugs into the Victorian Board School, allowing the school to work as a single entity.

The new wing is pulled away from the gable wall to sit parallel with the neighbouring Odd Fellows Hall. The resultant interstitial space establishes a formal entrance into the school - a triple height transparent atrium that separates new and old. A glazed lift and stairs that scissor overhead connect four new storeys within the height of 3 Victorian levels.

The architectural intent was to create a building that would sit shoulder to shoulder with two strong brick examples. The glass façade is inspired by mid 20 century schools, which untilised curtain walling to create bright and airy teaching spaces. The formal grid that typically defines curtain walling is replaced here by an offset grid to provide an expression more appropriate for a primary school, inside and out.

The building appears without scale as the façade conceals clues to storey heights - it is contextualised through colour rather than composition. The façade is a polychromatic loop of colour that shifts as it moves around the building. The contextual brick colours inform the rich reds and yellows along Stonhouse Street. The colour spectrum shifts into greens as the building emerges on the playground side, echoing soft landscaping below, and finally into vibrant sky blues.

In addition to new classrooms, pupils benefit from spaces for performance, music, breakout learning and a medical room. Staff share a resource room, copy facilities, administration, and offices. The informal, social spaces that connect the classrooms are vibrant and stimulating, eliminating corridors and offering visual transparency.

The facade works doubly hard to define not only the exterior but the interior. The coloured glass panels of the exterior are upholstered on the inside, allowing opportunities for the display and presentation of pupils’ work. The dynamic quality of the triple aspect classrooms is further heightened by the window composition. Solid, fritted and clear panels at varying heights create framed views of the urban landscape for all ages.

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