City Stadium, Olsztyn

City Stadium, Olsztyn

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Olsztyn City Stadium's Rebuilding Concept

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2nd prize in the municipial competition Investor: Olsztyn Municipality Location: Olsztyn, al. Piłsudskiego Team: Michał Adamczyk, Piotr Bylka, Mikołaj Kwieciński, Piotr Musiałowski, Krzysztof Nowotka Cooperation: Szymon Chmielewski

Currently, at the site destined for rebuilding stands an athletics stadium housing a football field and an athletics track. The objective here is to add under-soil heating to the field, roofed stands capable of holding 12 thousand people, and have the roof covered with membrane fabric. The facility is supposed to be a training place, equipped with essential infrastructure, offices, and a fan zone. The starting point for designing the elevation was both the geometry and the structure of timber framing which is a recognized symbol of the region. During the designing process, rules of construction forming the walls' characteristic look were extracted: the load-bearing structure was uncovered, the orthogonal rhythm got disrupted by diagonal elements, windows got accentuated by framing them. Elements that the stadium's see-through construction consists of (alluding to the structure of timber framing) are made from prefabricated reinforced concrete. They comprise the stadium's outside, load-bearing structure. In order to emphasize the significance of the foreground and make the historical references more recognizable, a decision was made to make the background more consistent. Sanitary and gastronomic buildings got merged together by hiding them behind a wall screen. Netting made of steel wiring fences off the building and creates sector zones and traffic routes. With the use of the same method, the roof's structure got obscured. All of these decisions were made in order to bring out and emphasize the significance of the outside wall. The color blue was introduced in vomitories as a way of marking the zones. It is a reference to the colors of Stomil Olsztyn sports club. Parking zones and stopping places for TV vans are located near the Leonharda Street. Other facilities such as a café (with a glass elevation) and box offices are located in the embankment, in the frontage of the city's square, which combines a park with a swimming pool. The space around the square is supposed to remain a pedestrians zone only, easily adaptable for the sake of open air events.

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