Cine Cosmos

TEN Arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

When it opened in the 1940s, the Cine Cosmos was part of a circuit of film establishments characterized by large theaters where the premieres of Mexican gold cinema were screened. With the passing of the years and the arrival of commercial cinema chains, as well as the decline of national cinema during the 1970s and 1980s, the Cosmos cinema closed its doors definitively in the first years of the following decade.

Starting in 2013, the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office (where the property is located) has decided to revive the emblematic Cosmos Cinema by reconfiguring its spaces to turn it into a cultural center with sports, educational extension and exhibition spaces, while integrating to the FAROS network in Mexico City. As part of the architectural program, a black box forum has been considered as the main space of the project that becomes a flexible and multidisciplinary space, open to any artistic and cultural expression.

With the restoration of the façade and the first Art Deco-style bay, the historical, cinematographic and social memory of the property is preserved, while at the same time creating a dialogue with the society and culture of the 21st century.

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