Vaillo + Irigaray

Daniel Galar

Juan L. Irigaray Huarta

Antonio Vaillo
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Rubén P. Bescós

Cib - Centro Investigacion Biomedica

Vaillo + Irigaray en tant que Architectes.

BIO-MIMICRY Y BIO-TIPES The camel, the polar bear and the leaf: the project aims to link with the content of the program: Bio-Medical Research, through the implementation of the biomimicry (adaptation of biological systems and human devices) in the process of generation architecture They take these three bio-reference types to achieve similar adaptive systems .

The camel as a paradigm for functional section

Defense from extreme climate conditions causes the occurrence of bumps as stockpiling ( water, food, fat…) As well as the camel’s anatomy expands towards his function requires (in other kind of animal it would become a functional deformation-malformation) in this building bumps and hollows are generated were required by the function: with the creation of backpacks with different sizes on the roof ( to hold the multiplicity of facility machines that such a technologic building requires) and hollows on the ground floor and semibasement ( entrance to warehouse, loading and unloading of the trucks, entrance to the inner courtyard, lighting of the semibasement, and so on

The polar bear skin as an example of multifunctionality

The skin must keep a consistent inner temperature of the bear, despite the permanent outdoor cold, and it achieves it trough a black thick skin, wrapped in holed transparent hair that keeps the air cold inside. The vision we have is of white hair, but it is due to the accumulation, and so it mimes with ice and snow.

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