Church of the holy martyrs

Fernandez-Abascal & Muruzabal en tant que Architectes.

The center, located in the extension of Unquera, is aligned to a road in the base of the mountain which characterizes and darkens the plot.

We projected and elementary volume slightly elevated from the land, like a palafito. Its abstraction and scale facilitate its implantation as primary element in the heterogenous and little qualified urban fabric. Its distance against the ground level avoids the damages caused by the swellings of the Deva river.

The program was organized in a rectangular plant of extreme proportions,differentiating the functional areas. We access the building trhough a footbridge to the luminous lobby, that articulates the spaces and serves as meeting area. The church has two naves.The smaller nave is defined by a strong beam and it allocates the confessional and the sacristy. The zenital entrance of the light through the small nave and trhough the bottom of presbitery, clarified by a free wall, emphasizes the space asymmetry.

The center has an office, two classrooms, open to the side facade, and a band of services.

The center has been built with very few materials, concrete walls, industrial wood grounds, mixed carpentries… The disposition of the building at the bottom of the parcel, created a new urban space with cypresses and liquidámbares.

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